Monday, December 31, 2012

Routine Maintenance for Drain Tile in Vancouver Homes

During spring thaw, accumulated snow could melt at an alarming rate. Combined with the amount of rainfall experienced at this time of the year, faulty drain tile in Vancouver can cause long-term damage to a building’s structure from the ensuing floods. Water seepage also causes houses to be chronically wet, which increases the risk for respiratory diseases and allergy from fungus spores. Frequent flooding also depreciates property value.

The drain tile is the most important component of a subsurface drainage system. This specialized pipe is more popularly known as a French drain or weeping tile. This is metal or plastic perforated piping meant to be installed underground along the perimeter of a building to direct storm water away from the footings and foundations of homes.

How to diagnose a clogged drain tile

Check the walls of the basement for moist or wet spots. This could be a sign that the drain tile needs to be cleaned. It is common for roots, soil, and debris to get into the drain tile through the gaps in its perforated surface.

To determine whether or not the water seepage is caused by a blocked drain tile, look at which part of the foundation is wet. Dampness at the lower part of the foundation will move up through the floor to the walls. Anything higher than that indicates a grading or downspout problem.

Unclogging a Drain Tile

Trained plumbers like those at Milani Plumbing, Drainage, & Heating, may use a sewer snake to unclog a drain tile. This tool is a flexible cable that has a rotating blade at one end. When the contraption is threaded into a pipe and rotated, the blade can gouge through debris that might be clogging the passage. It is inserted into a water collection point while water at high pressure is used to flush out the bits of debris pushed out by the rotating augur. Pipes that are too clogged or damaged to be cleared out with a sewer snake may need to be dug up and replaced.

Just as late autumn or early winter is the right time to have the heating in your Langley home looked at and calibrated, spring’s one of the best times to put your drainage system through a routine check-up. Having a professional conduct regular maintenance on your home can help you avoid costly repairs and save you from many a major headache.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gurgle, Gurgle, Toilet, and Trouble: Signs of Clogged Sewer Lines and Drainage in North Vancouver Homes

Your home’s plumbing and sewer lines are silent servants that continue to do their job despite their near invisibility. However, when trouble arises and the pipes give way to natural deterioration due to years of servitude, you’re sure to feel their presence and appreciate the importance of keeping them clog-free. Hence, take note of the following early signs of problems in sewer systems and drainage in North Vancouver homes, to ensure that you know when to call in professional plumbers from established companies like Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating.

Slow-running or backed-up fixtures

Dysfunctional drains that don’t do their job well are the primary sign of plumbing issues. Slow draining in your sinks, tubs, and toilets can be indicative of drain or vent system blockage or a failing septic system. Also remember that when you notice water or sewage backing up in your drains, avoid using any of your plumbing fixtures until the stoppage is cleared out.

Drains that make gurgling noises

As mentioned above, your home’s drainage system should ideally be “silent” – unless it’s actually calling out for help. Clogged drains and sewer lines will try to catch your attention by making “glub glub” or gurgling sounds. Such noises are often brought about by defects or blockage in the vents. To be sure, it’s best to bring in a skilled professional to inspect your home’s plumbing.

Unusual reactions when using fixtures

When you flush your toilet or pour water onto your sink, you expect the water to go down. But, clogs in the sewer drain or pipes can make your plumbing fixtures act strange. For example, every time you flush the toilet, water backs up in the shower or tub drains. You should also know that water levels in the toilet bowl must not rise and fall or overflow.

Sewage odor inside or around your house

It seems that you won’t only hear and see signs of a clogged drainage line, but also smell it – especially when the problem has reached your sewer systems. Unpleasant smells emanating from your drains require immediate attention. Waiting too long can lead to irreparable damage and costly replacements.

Once you notice the signs of trouble stated above, you should call for plumbing services in Vancouver without delay. Your home’s drainage and sewer systems may be out of your sight, but they should never be far from your mind.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Importance of Maintaining your Drainage in North Vancouver

Some BC residents don't really give much thought to maintaining their drainage system; they only worry about it when there's a clog. While common clogs are usually remedied by using chemicals, if the problem becomes persistent, it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Bigger problems usually connote a bigger price tag and this is why you need professional North Vancouver drainage maintenance.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why Hiring Professional Help for Drain Cleaning in Vancouver Makes Sense

As the eighth-largest Canadian city, Vancouver is home to more than 600,000 Vancouverites. With these many people, it's not surprising that a good portion of them have encountered drain problems in the past. Drain issues can be a real drag, especially here in Vancouver where life is set at a more dynamic pace. That being said, hiring Vancouver drain cleaning experts is a viable solution to get rid of nasty drainage problems.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Optimizing the Burnaby Heating System for Maximum Burn

Whenever heating goes on the blink during cold weather, things can get pretty antsy—especially when temperatures drop to unbearable lows. Without centralized home heating, we can opt for space heaters or light the fireplace, but these offer temporary, less effective, and less efficient ways to keep warm.

Burnaby, hometown to popular crooner Michael Buble and actress Carrie-Anne Moss, is a beautiful place to live in. Like the rest of Metro Vancouver, though, its inhabitants have to deal with microclimates, i.e., warm summers with very cold conditions during the rest of the year. When the cold sets in, Burnaby heating systems need to work double time to beat the freezing temperatures.

To ensure that you're always prepared to handle the cold, you need to keep your HVAC system working at optimal condition at all times. Take your cue from professional experts like Milani, who share a few tips to keep your system in good working order: First, clear the air filter of all obstructions that can affect the air flow and force the system to work harder. Second, make sure that the ducts throughout the house are properly aligned, so that air doesn't escape and no energy is wasted.

Third, check your insulation. Is it still in good condition or has it disintegrated over time? Have rodents gotten into it and gnawed off some sections? Your insulation should always be securely fastened to the ductwork, so that no radiant heat or cold escapes. As for the vents and return air inlets, make sure they are not blocked by anything, to prevent possibly hazardous pressure buildup.

To further save energy and efficiently conserve the heat inside your home, thoroughly check your home for gaps and seal them off immediately. Caulk cracks and gaps in walls, doorframes, windows, and even electric junction boxes to keep the cold from seeping in.

Keeping your Burnaby or Surrey heating system in prime condition is paramount. With the cost of energy being what it is today, and with Canada's climate, we need to make sure that we effectively use every last joule of heat that we pay for.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Solving Sewer Problems with Help from Surrey Plumbing Professionals

Surrey has one of the largest sanitary sewer networks in the province of British Columbia, with over 1,500 km of pipes, 40 pump stations, 22,000 manholes and 74,000 connections serving around 130,000 customers. This vast sewer network is in place to help efficiently handle your waste, but you're still required to take care of any sewer problems that occur within your property line.

The underlying cause

When you have a sewer problem, a straightforward blockage is the likely reason, but general deterioration of pipes or poor installation could also be the culprit. Perhaps there was a movement in the ground that caused your pipes to break, collapse, or deform. Or perhaps they were broken due to heavy vehicles constantly driving over them. It's best that you turn to a Surrey plumbing professional to help determine what's wrong.

Sewer inspection

If it's unclear what and where the problem is, a professional drainage company will run a check, going into manhole covers and running water through to locate blockages or leakage. They may use colored dyes to identify where the water is flowing. If this method is not successful, they may end up sending a video camera inspection device down the drain to inspect for blockages.

Who's responsible?

Surrey homeowners are responsible for their drains up to the property line for conventional sewer system users, and up to the City force-main for those with pump connections. If the inspection done by the North Vancouver drainage company reveals that the problem is not with your sewer system, then you will need to contact City forces. Only City forces have the authority to clear the system on their side.

If the problem is on your side of the sewer system, then clearing the sewer connection will be on you. Have the drainage professional fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent it from worsening and your repair costs from spiraling out of control. If you have home insurance, call your insurance company because many of them cover the cost of restoring, repairing and replacing damaged sewer systems on your property.

Sewer problems should be handled by pros like Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating, who have over 50 years of experience in plumbing and drainage services. Check, too, the Better Business Bureau for companies that have a good track record in the industry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Basic Drain Maintenance Straight from Your Trusted Surrey and North Vancouver Drainage Experts

Slow draining sinks and toilets, foul odors, clogs – these are just a few of the many drainage problems that cause major headaches to Surrey and North Vancouver residents. However, it is only when these problems start to manifest themselves that homeowners begin to contemplate the importance of proper drainage system maintenance. In light of this, your reliable Surrey and North Vancouver drainage experts are giving out a few tips to help you out.

Prevention Can Go a Long Way

An ounce of prevention in drain maintenance can save you a lot of trouble and money. Stopping hair, debris, and foreign objects from slipping down your drainpipes can keep a great deal of clog and odor problems from bothering you and your family. You can do this by simply placing screens and strainers in each of your home's drains.

Dispose Items Properly

Kitchen sinks and toilets are not the proper destination of food residue, grease, cooking oil, tissue papers, and other sanitary products. Be disciplined enough to dispose of these items in their proper receptacles. Grease and other debris can stick to your pipes and harden, causing that much dreaded clogging and foul odor.

The Value of Hot Water

Hot water is one of your best tools when conducting drain maintenance. Pouring boiling hot water down your sink and drains can help dissolve debris buildup, especially grease buildups, in your pipes. While this may not be effective if you already have a major clog problem, it is very useful in preventing such clogs from forming in the first place.

Avoid Chemicals

Using chemical drain cleaners is a temporary fix that leads to bigger problems. While these cleaners can work, they can cause collateral damage, as well. Because of the corrosive substances found in chemical cleaners, they will not only dissolve clogs, but may also erode your pipes. Continuous usage of such cleaners can eventually lead to pipe bursts and other piping problems that could prove costlier in the long run.

At the core of it all, the best maintenance regimen you can do for your home is to seek help from professional North Vancouver and Surrey drainage experts like Milani. With their highly specialized knowledge and vast experience in drain maintenance and repair, they can easily assist you with any issues you might have with your drainage system.

Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Ensure That Your Vancouver Drain Tile System Works Efficiently

When winter rolls around in Vancouver, expect the rains to do the worst to your home. Homeowners should ensure that their houses are protected from the ravages of the weather, especially from the damage rainwater can inflict. Rainwater can easily seep into the foundations of a home or leak into the basement, causing extensive damage. To keep this water from accumulating where it could compromise the home's foundations and other structural elements, you need an effective Vancouver drain tile system.

A drain tile system is designed to collect and redirect water seepage away from a house—sometimes with the aid of a sump pump—to direct water into a yard, natural drainage area, or a public drainage system. Drain tiles consist of perforated pipes, usually made of PVC, with small openings on one side. To prevent the pipes from filling with debris carried by rainwater, some contractors fit the pipes with a filter system using nylon or other materials.

This type of drainage system can be installed along the interior perimeter of your foundation or the exterior of your house. Exterior drain tile systems are considered more effective than interior drain tile systems in preventing water intrusion into basements. Both methods require digging a trench, and setting the pipes in a gravel bed around the foundation.

If you have an existing drain tile system but constantly experience flooding in your basement or your yard when it rains, your system is likely clogged with debris. If this problem isn't attended to immediately, it can lead to water backing up into your home. The problem can be easily resolved if addressed at an early stage, by hiring drainage and sewer maintenance services of reputable companies like Milani Plumbing, Heating, and Drainage.

Vancouver drain cleaning professionals use high pressure drain cleaning methods to rid drain tiles of debris. Sometimes known as water jet cleaning, this process uses pressurized water through a sewer snake, a flexible cable that can be threaded through roots, soil, and debris. This cable is inserted into a collection point and is then moved through the end of the line to loosen the debris in the drain tiles.

If using a sewer snake doesn't work, drain cleaning specialists may need to cumbersomely dig out the drain tiles to clear them of accumulated debris. They dig a channel tracing the tiles' location, extract them, and then clean out the blockage.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quality Plumbing in Richmond: The Toilet's Real Inventor and its Utility in the 21st Century

The history of the modern toilet is rather interesting because it's a good example of how misinformation can considerably change what many people believe to be true. Maybe you're not fond of history, but knowing the toilet's history will help you appreciate the quality plumbing that Richmond residents are now enjoying. The toilet is what it is today—a water-saver that has also greatly improved sanitation—because of its inventor and past developers.

It's Harington, Not Crapper

Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Crapper isn't the inventor of the flush toilet. He may have contributed much to its marketing, but it's actually Sir John Harington, the godson of Queen Elizabeth I, who invented the flush toilet. It was his present to the queen during the late 1590s. Today, it is considered by residents in Richmond, the 4th most populous city in British Columbia, as a great gift.

The Toilet's Utility in the 21st Century

The toilet underwent significant developments introduced by Scotsman Alexander Cummings, a watchmaker, and Thomas Crapper. Actually, certain changes were made on the toilet only a few decades ago to meet the requirements of the US Congress' legislation regarding water consumption. This legislation has caused world-wide production changes, prompting even toilet manufacturers in Canada to make sure that their toilets are water-efficient.

Less Water Consumed

Today, flush toilets generally have a 1.6-gallon water tank capacity. This means that every time you flush your toilet, you use that much water. Developers didn't stop here, though, because there are, now, the smaller one-gallon flush toilets, proving that one no longer needs to use much water to ensure adequate cleanliness in the bathroom.

Improved Sanitation

One of the main aims of trusted Coquitlam plumbing companies is to ensure that your toilet is properly functioning. The toilet was invented to effectively and expeditiously manage human waste by removing it from the premises as quickly as possible. It was the aim of Sir Harington, Cummings, and Crapper, and now the daily concern of plumbing companies like Milani Plumbing Drainage & Heating Ltd, to ensure the proper disposal of human waste.

The toilet's history shouldn't be flushed away. This appliance has contributed to maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in every residential property in Canada. Whether you're living in the coastal city of Richmond or in suburban Coquitlam, it helps to know a bit about your toilet and plumbing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Effective Drainage Repair in North Vancouver Homes

Clogged drainage can be an embarrassing problem. If one’s lucky, a quick douse of boiling water can coax the offensive gunk down through the pipes. But the worst that could happen is if the water and all of the funky bits of hair, food, soap and what-not start backing up—a moment nobody deserves to experience.

Vancouver, like any metropolis, has its fair share of clogged drainage. This is to be expected, as the Metro Vancouver area has one of the largest water systems in North America, with 86% of British Colombia, of which Vancouver is a part, enjoying access to this system. This is attained by incorporating huge wastewater treatment facilities into the system. It’s important, then, to have proper and working drainage for the entire system to work. Every time it clogs, quick and effective drainage repair is always in order.

There are various ways to go about unclogging a drain. Should pouring boiling water fail to do the trick, one can opt to use declogging devices or "snakes" which are specialized augurs that can be passed deep into the drain to pick up obstructing hair or other debris. Chemicals such as acids and alakali are often employed, but expose users to some danger.

Should the drain remain stubborn, there are a number of plumbing services like Milani at hand, which can solve all your North Vancouver drainage problems. Well-versed in pipe installation and drain maintenance, these plumbers should know exactly how to approach your drainage problem. It’s comforting to know that somebody's got your back and when all hope for declogging seems to be lost.

Good plumbers could also recommend better drainage systems to households constantly at war with the rising sewage. Ideally, the perfect drainage system delivers a home's wastewater directly into the treatment facility without obstructions. The right drainage system is dependent on the size and scale of the building it's installed in, so it’s best for one to engage a plumber's services when trying to determine the drainage needs of any structure being constructed or refitted.

Clogged drainage could be unpleasant, embarrassing, and unhealthy. Even if it is properly dealt with, it could become a recurring problem. You need not face this alone, however, because helpful plumbers are on hand. So let your worries, and waste, go down the drain; because plumbers have got you covered.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Install a Vancouver Drainage System and Prevent Water Damage

If you're a homeowner in Canada, including those in Surrey and Vancouver, British Columbia, you know that water damage can destroy your house. In fact, as most people in the world are aware, it can adversely affect any structure. Hence, it is essential that a drainage system be part of any kind of building—residential or commercial.

What does a Vancouver drainage system, for example, provide? Basically, it diverts or drains excess water coming from the building or the surrounding areas, before it can cause any damage. A poor drainage system can result in basement flooding from leaks, or erosion, and put your sidings at risk. Pools of water which remain on the surface for long periods can also damage decks and landscapes.

However, it is important that the design and installation of the drainage system must be in accordance with the needs of your property. For instance, if there are pools of water that regularly collect on your driveway or front and back yards, you may need inlets at these locations. On the other hand, if erosion is your problem, the drainage system may have to be installed at the top of a slope. But if basement flooding is an issue, the drains may have to be built closer to the structure.

All of these home drainage systems, whether a Vancouver or Surrey drainage system, have several elements in common—an entry point for water, a method to transport that water, and a final destination for collected water. All these elements must work in harmony to provide an efficient system. There are actually several types of home drainage systems, namely the French drain, downspout drain, and slope drain.

French drains are trenches, usually found on flat land, which prevent water from entering particular areas of the house. Downspout drains on the other hand connect to the gutter system and carry water away from the roof to the ground. Meanwhile, a slope drain allows water to follow a natural route down a slope and direct it away from the building and landscaping.

Whatever type of drainage system your property needs, it is important to always consult a professional drainage contractor like Milani. It is not a do-it-yourself kind of installation and requires special skills and knowledge for the task. The value of your property could depend on it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Discovering the Beauty of Vancouver Drain Tile Systems

Many homeowners in Canada share the same sentiments about seeing their basements all wet and drowning in a pool of water. Basement flooding often occurs during long periods of heavy rainfall or after the snow melts. Water seeps into the basement through leaks and cracks on the wall, clogged downspouts, overflowing eavestroughs, and weeping tiles. Flooding may also occur due to the failure of sump pumps and a blocked connection between the house and the neighborhood’s main sewer.

If you're in the camp of homeowners who are pestered by basement flooding, you may want to invest in Vancouver drain tile systems. A drain tile system, also known as French Drain, is intended to collect and redirect water seepage away from households. It basically consists of a perforated pipe set in a trench covered with gravel. Some systems, however, are covered with nylon to prevent debris from accumulating in the pipe.

Drain tiling originated in the field of agriculture. It is the opposite of irrigation, which is the process of adding water to soil. Drain tile systems in agriculture are installed below the ground, allowing the water to separate from the soil particles, flow into the line, and deposit into an open water source such as a lake, pond, or river.

Drain tiles are the most-efficient way to protect a structure from water damage and property destruction. Homes without drain tiles or with damaged drain tile systems are very susceptible to flooding. Leaving flooding problems unattended for a long period can expectedly result in even more severe damage.

If your home does not have drain tiling, it is wise to get help from reputable plumbing companies like Milani. Installing drain tiles can keep your basement and home foundation dry, consequently saving you from water damage expenses. In addition, home drainage can be improved because drain tiles redirect water from one area where it shouldn't be to another where it can safely stay away from your home.

Drain maintenance should be performed regularly to keep your home safe from any form of water damage. Hire Vancouver drain cleaning services like Milani first so that the installation of drain tiles can be so much easier and save you labor time and cost.

Friday, July 27, 2012

What You Need to Know about Surrey Drainage Systems

When you encounter a math equation, you wouldn't be able to solve it unless you know the basics. Well, it's the same way when you encounter a problem with your drainage system—you may not find a solution if you don’t know the basics. So to get you started, read on for basic information on home drainage systems.

Drainage systems are designed to drain water away from homes, preventing leaks from penetrating the home itself, or averting erosion around the foundations. The most common type of drainage Surrey homeowners have is the French drain. This drainage system is generally a ditch dug around the perimeter of a house that allows water to flow away from the structure.

The downspout is a common component of a drainage system and is usually installed as part of the home's gutter system. Downspouts are vertical pipes used to drain water from the roof and are usually attached to the bottom of the gutter. Homes that are built on a slight or steep slope are common in Surrey, so slope drains made of flexible PVC or plastic hose are typically used.

Sometimes, buildup of water around the house, basement, or crawlspace can happen. Leaves, silt, dirt, pine needles, or roots can block drains and pipes, so it's important to clean your drains regularly. There are times, however, when cleaning is not enough and you may need to call on Surrey drainage experts that can use a high pressure water jetting system to clear your drains of debris.

Improperly installed drain tiles at the base of your home or foundation footing can cause water to stand still around the foundation. When left alone, the water makes the soil underneath wet and soggy, and the water can pass through the foundation of your home, all the way to the interior. Calling on plumbing contractors like Milani will solve this problem as they'll add the necessary materials or components to improve your drainage system.

There may be times when you won't know what's wrong with your drainage system, so when this happens, enlist the services of a drain inspection expert. Drain inspection professionals use CCTV cameras to look closely into drains and pipes to determine the problem. As part of preventive maintenance, homeowners are suggested to have drain inspections done regularly.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How Vancouver Drain Cleaning Experts Unclog Drains

The busier life gets, the more people neglect things they should be giving the utmost care to around the house. There are times when they get ready for work or prepare meals, and carelessly drop toothpaste or grease in the sink. As they're almost always pressed for time, they end up leaving things as they are and go on with their day.

However, grease and other substances dropped in the sink can accumulate over time, causing clogged drains. When this happens, you can use commercially available products that promise to unclog drains, but these rarely solve the root of the problem. It's ideal to call on Vancouver drain cleaning experts who can use high-pressure water jet systems to get rid of these clogs.

These systems can also be used to clear away debris in your sewers that usually cause your sewage to back up. With water jetting systems, the need for harmful drain chemicals is eliminated. Make sure to call on a contractor like Milani that provides drain and sewer jetting services.

Another problem you may encounter at home, especially in Vancouver where rainfall is common, is a blocked storm drain. Storm drains are designed to drain excess rainwater and ground water from roofs, paved streets, and sidewalks. It's important to make sure storm drains are cleared of debris so excess water can flow freely into the drainage system.

There are times when the drain tile in homes can develop problems as well. These troubles can lead to water seepage in basements and damage of the home's structural foundation. Well-functioning drain tile systems pull water away from the footings of a home so that it won't be able to penetrate the foundation.

There are two major types of drain tile systems: interior and exterior. Exterior drain tile systems are typically installed around the footer or a foundation of a home during construction. Interior drain tile systems, meanwhile, are installed in a portion of the foundation floor so the pipes can be placed.

Either type of drain tile system can make use of a sump pump to help move the water away from the home. With sump pumps, basements are kept dry and free from mold and mildew growth, which can lead to health hazards. You can ask experts in drainage North Vancouver residents trust to install a sump pump for you.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to Use a Plumbing Snake to Unclog Your Drainage

A plumbing snake is a tool that plumbers use to unclog blockage from drain pipes. You can picture it as a long metal cable with an auger at one end and a hand crank at the other. Unblocking sink drains are the most common service calls that plumbers make, thereby showing just how important this tool can be.

Plumbing snakes are often considered the last resort after pouring hot water or industrial strength drain-clearing chemicals down the drain doesn't work. When you've tried each and every unclogging solution possible, and still the problem sticks stubbornly in place, it may be time for you bring in a plumbing snake.

Plumbing snakes can be either hand-cranked or motorized. The motorized ones come in two forms: the hand-held model or the drum auger. For most home plumbing problems, a hand-held motorized plumbing snake will suffice. Drum augers, on the other hand, are meant for professional plumber use.

To use a snake for plumbing repair, you need to protect your hand with gloves. Make sure to buy the ones that don't slip easily. It will be a good idea to have a bucket and towels ready within arm's reach before you begin. It's likely that the floor space you're working on will get wet once you start to unclog the drain, so wear a pair of working shoes as well to prevent drain filth from getting on your feet.

To begin unclogging the drain, push the snake into the drain while running the motor or turning the crank handle clockwise. As soon as you feel a tough spot, slowly ease the snake back. Push it forward again until you feel some resistance. Don't forcibly shove the cable through, though, because this could tangle it up.

Once you feel that the blockage has been cleared, withdraw the snake, pulling the debris out with the auger end. It is important that you pull the debris out instead of pushing it deeper in. This way, you are making sure that the debris won’t cause any more clogs further down the drain.

Using a plumbing snake isn't difficult, but it sure can be messy. You can keep your hands clean by hiring a professional plumber to do the job instead. They will have the necessary skills and know-how to perform the job quickly and efficiently. Unclogging drains is not the only thing professional plumbers like the ones at Milani are good at. So for any drainage problems or plumbing installation you may require, it's always a good idea to keep a plumber’s number listed in your phone’s emergency contacts.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drain Tile Systems: The Solution to Water in Your Basement

Maybe you've already heard from your friends how installing drain tile systems helped solve their basement seepage problems. This is something you're also bound to hear from a professional Vancouver plumber once you report to them that water has accumulated in your basement floor. But what exactly is a drain tile and what does it do?

Drain tiles are among the most important aspects in home building and upkeep. If your home has a basement, a drain tile system will keep it free of floodwater. If your home is built on a slab, drain tiles will prevent water from pooling underneath it. Now that you know the system's advantages, isn't it about time you had one installed?

Whether a drain tile project involves a new installation or the replacement of an old one, you need to make sure that the job is done properly. Drain tiles are buried deep underground and are very costly to repair, which is why that kind of job has to be done right the first time. Before you even begin, the question you'll probably be asking is: should you do the project yourself or is it better to have a professional handle it?

If you are confident with your ability, and if you have experienced builders under your employ, then it's possible to install a drain tile system on your own, with little outside help. But if not, it may be more practical to let an expert in drain tile Vancouver residents highly recommend do the job instead. They will have the necessary skills and experience, not to mention the necessary tools, for doing the job quickly and correctly the first time.

Vancouver typically experiences rain between the months of October and March, with the rainfall ranging from moderate to heavy. It is in these months that water content in the soil runs high, increasing the possibility of having a wet basement. A wet basement can be a very stressful domestic problem; so before you start pulling out your hair in frustration, have a drain tile system installed as soon as you can.

A number of companies in Vancouver offer drain tile installation services, among them Milani. These companies can provide you with the protection necessary in keeping your basement dry in the long term, doing the job right by using only the best materials along with the latest methods. Contact a few Vancouver sewer and drainage experts and set up an appointment with any of them today to see how you can get help for your basement.

Friday, April 20, 2012

How Vancouver Drain Cleaning Companies Figure in Toilet History

Why are toilet subjects like drainage repair considered distasteful? And why do people almost never say the word toilet when it is exactly what they are referring to? Although most people would say common decency calls for it, toilet isn’t that dirty a word.
Derived from the word toile—French for cloth—the word toilette or toilet originally referred solely to the process of grooming, dressing, or generally preparing oneself for the day ahead. In the 1600s, a toile was draped over a man’s shoulders while he went through his morning and end-of-day rituals. Over time, the word toilette came to describe this process, and then became a genteel way of referring to the room (sans the commode) in which people took care of their daily ministrations. It is perhaps because of its indelicate purpose that the use of the word toilet is considered distasteful today.
We use euphemisms like chamber pot, latrine, the loo, commode, and john instead. The abundance of terms for this contraption shows that people often try to find ways to avoid talking about toilets and the problems associated with them, particularly the icky sort. Thankfully, Vancouver drain cleaning professionals like Milani Sewer and Drain can take care of regular maintenance, thus saving you from potential problems like clogged toilet drains and the like.
Much as people avoid talking about it, toilet technology can be rather interesting: Michael Telzrow, curator of the aptly-named “Privy to the Past” exhibit at the Neville Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, provides us with a glimpse of toilet systems throughout the ages. Among other things, the exhibit displays a few contraptions we’d never think to use today, such as a toilet used during the Roman times that features a brine-soaked sponge fastened to a stick that was communally used to wipe people’s backsides.
Where and how to dispose of waste and sewage is an everyday concern that has hounded man since the beginning of time. Roman engineers constructed aqueducts, lead pipes, drains and dams to address this problem.
Telzrow says, “Advances in toilet sanitation are every bit as important as the development of the computer and the automobile. It has allowed people to live a healthy existence in cities.” It’s certainly hard to imagine what life would be like without the toilet.
But while toilets may have come a long way, maintaining our modern-day toilets and drainage systems is just as important as ever. For toilet problems, you may contact experts in drain cleaning Vancouver housekeepers recommend, like Milani.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sewer Inspection: The Weirdest Things to Come Out of the Sewers

You’ve probably seen those morning cartoons where right after a sewer inspection people start traveling through sewers for reasons ranging from solving a case to traveling to another world. Through these shows sewers are painted as a wondrous place, home to magical and sometimes scary but otherwise endearing or curious creatures whose story you’d like to follow every episode. As you grew up though, you soon realize that these things belong to a fantasy world, so thereafter when you sit on your toilet, you are able to go about your business without worry. Unfortunately, when it comes to sewers, truth is definitely stranger than fiction. Heard of alligators being found in the sewers? Those are true stories. Some of the weirdest things that sewer maintenance companies like Milani ever found in sewers, drainpipes and trenches all over the country are illegal drugs, guns, live cats, snakes, iPods, and even prosthetic eyeballs. That said, here are three of the top weirdest things that have been found in sewers around the world.


In Rock Hill, South Carolina, a frantic caller told a sewer maintenance man that he dropped his teeth down there. The maintenance guy was able to recover the man’s dentures intact and in good condition. The customer said that he intended to wear them again, but after a thorough cleaning, of course.


Like something from a bad comedy show, a sewer jetting technician in Plainfield, Illinois went to a commercial building and worked on a toilet in the men’s restroom. After hours of trying to unclog it, he was shocked to discover the cause: a training bra.

Carnivorous Lizards

Lizards enjoy water. If they live in recently urbanized areas, they will go wherever they can find a source of constant water (i.e., the sewers). A few years ago, a Norwegian boy told his mommy he needed to go, and when the mother lifted the toilet seat, they were greeted by a large Teju, a South American carnivorous lizard. Luckily, the mother accompanied her child, because if he had sat down on the toilet without looking, the giant lizard would have almost certainly bitten him. Whatever problems you may encounter with your plumbing or drainage system, it’s always a good idea to have a professional look at it. It’s hard to tell what you may find down there, so for your own safety, have your favorite sewer repair company’s number written alongside your other emergency contacts. There’s just no telling when you’re going to need it.