Sunday, July 29, 2012

Install a Vancouver Drainage System and Prevent Water Damage

If you're a homeowner in Canada, including those in Surrey and Vancouver, British Columbia, you know that water damage can destroy your house. In fact, as most people in the world are aware, it can adversely affect any structure. Hence, it is essential that a drainage system be part of any kind of building—residential or commercial.

What does a Vancouver drainage system, for example, provide? Basically, it diverts or drains excess water coming from the building or the surrounding areas, before it can cause any damage. A poor drainage system can result in basement flooding from leaks, or erosion, and put your sidings at risk. Pools of water which remain on the surface for long periods can also damage decks and landscapes.

However, it is important that the design and installation of the drainage system must be in accordance with the needs of your property. For instance, if there are pools of water that regularly collect on your driveway or front and back yards, you may need inlets at these locations. On the other hand, if erosion is your problem, the drainage system may have to be installed at the top of a slope. But if basement flooding is an issue, the drains may have to be built closer to the structure.

All of these home drainage systems, whether a Vancouver or Surrey drainage system, have several elements in common—an entry point for water, a method to transport that water, and a final destination for collected water. All these elements must work in harmony to provide an efficient system. There are actually several types of home drainage systems, namely the French drain, downspout drain, and slope drain.

French drains are trenches, usually found on flat land, which prevent water from entering particular areas of the house. Downspout drains on the other hand connect to the gutter system and carry water away from the roof to the ground. Meanwhile, a slope drain allows water to follow a natural route down a slope and direct it away from the building and landscaping.

Whatever type of drainage system your property needs, it is important to always consult a professional drainage contractor like Milani. It is not a do-it-yourself kind of installation and requires special skills and knowledge for the task. The value of your property could depend on it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Discovering the Beauty of Vancouver Drain Tile Systems

Many homeowners in Canada share the same sentiments about seeing their basements all wet and drowning in a pool of water. Basement flooding often occurs during long periods of heavy rainfall or after the snow melts. Water seeps into the basement through leaks and cracks on the wall, clogged downspouts, overflowing eavestroughs, and weeping tiles. Flooding may also occur due to the failure of sump pumps and a blocked connection between the house and the neighborhood’s main sewer.

If you're in the camp of homeowners who are pestered by basement flooding, you may want to invest in Vancouver drain tile systems. A drain tile system, also known as French Drain, is intended to collect and redirect water seepage away from households. It basically consists of a perforated pipe set in a trench covered with gravel. Some systems, however, are covered with nylon to prevent debris from accumulating in the pipe.

Drain tiling originated in the field of agriculture. It is the opposite of irrigation, which is the process of adding water to soil. Drain tile systems in agriculture are installed below the ground, allowing the water to separate from the soil particles, flow into the line, and deposit into an open water source such as a lake, pond, or river.

Drain tiles are the most-efficient way to protect a structure from water damage and property destruction. Homes without drain tiles or with damaged drain tile systems are very susceptible to flooding. Leaving flooding problems unattended for a long period can expectedly result in even more severe damage.

If your home does not have drain tiling, it is wise to get help from reputable plumbing companies like Milani. Installing drain tiles can keep your basement and home foundation dry, consequently saving you from water damage expenses. In addition, home drainage can be improved because drain tiles redirect water from one area where it shouldn't be to another where it can safely stay away from your home.

Drain maintenance should be performed regularly to keep your home safe from any form of water damage. Hire Vancouver drain cleaning services like Milani first so that the installation of drain tiles can be so much easier and save you labor time and cost.

Friday, July 27, 2012

What You Need to Know about Surrey Drainage Systems

When you encounter a math equation, you wouldn't be able to solve it unless you know the basics. Well, it's the same way when you encounter a problem with your drainage system—you may not find a solution if you don’t know the basics. So to get you started, read on for basic information on home drainage systems.

Drainage systems are designed to drain water away from homes, preventing leaks from penetrating the home itself, or averting erosion around the foundations. The most common type of drainage Surrey homeowners have is the French drain. This drainage system is generally a ditch dug around the perimeter of a house that allows water to flow away from the structure.

The downspout is a common component of a drainage system and is usually installed as part of the home's gutter system. Downspouts are vertical pipes used to drain water from the roof and are usually attached to the bottom of the gutter. Homes that are built on a slight or steep slope are common in Surrey, so slope drains made of flexible PVC or plastic hose are typically used.

Sometimes, buildup of water around the house, basement, or crawlspace can happen. Leaves, silt, dirt, pine needles, or roots can block drains and pipes, so it's important to clean your drains regularly. There are times, however, when cleaning is not enough and you may need to call on Surrey drainage experts that can use a high pressure water jetting system to clear your drains of debris.

Improperly installed drain tiles at the base of your home or foundation footing can cause water to stand still around the foundation. When left alone, the water makes the soil underneath wet and soggy, and the water can pass through the foundation of your home, all the way to the interior. Calling on plumbing contractors like Milani will solve this problem as they'll add the necessary materials or components to improve your drainage system.

There may be times when you won't know what's wrong with your drainage system, so when this happens, enlist the services of a drain inspection expert. Drain inspection professionals use CCTV cameras to look closely into drains and pipes to determine the problem. As part of preventive maintenance, homeowners are suggested to have drain inspections done regularly.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How Vancouver Drain Cleaning Experts Unclog Drains

The busier life gets, the more people neglect things they should be giving the utmost care to around the house. There are times when they get ready for work or prepare meals, and carelessly drop toothpaste or grease in the sink. As they're almost always pressed for time, they end up leaving things as they are and go on with their day.

However, grease and other substances dropped in the sink can accumulate over time, causing clogged drains. When this happens, you can use commercially available products that promise to unclog drains, but these rarely solve the root of the problem. It's ideal to call on Vancouver drain cleaning experts who can use high-pressure water jet systems to get rid of these clogs.

These systems can also be used to clear away debris in your sewers that usually cause your sewage to back up. With water jetting systems, the need for harmful drain chemicals is eliminated. Make sure to call on a contractor like Milani that provides drain and sewer jetting services.

Another problem you may encounter at home, especially in Vancouver where rainfall is common, is a blocked storm drain. Storm drains are designed to drain excess rainwater and ground water from roofs, paved streets, and sidewalks. It's important to make sure storm drains are cleared of debris so excess water can flow freely into the drainage system.

There are times when the drain tile in homes can develop problems as well. These troubles can lead to water seepage in basements and damage of the home's structural foundation. Well-functioning drain tile systems pull water away from the footings of a home so that it won't be able to penetrate the foundation.

There are two major types of drain tile systems: interior and exterior. Exterior drain tile systems are typically installed around the footer or a foundation of a home during construction. Interior drain tile systems, meanwhile, are installed in a portion of the foundation floor so the pipes can be placed.

Either type of drain tile system can make use of a sump pump to help move the water away from the home. With sump pumps, basements are kept dry and free from mold and mildew growth, which can lead to health hazards. You can ask experts in drainage North Vancouver residents trust to install a sump pump for you.