Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quality Plumbing in Richmond: The Toilet's Real Inventor and its Utility in the 21st Century

The history of the modern toilet is rather interesting because it's a good example of how misinformation can considerably change what many people believe to be true. Maybe you're not fond of history, but knowing the toilet's history will help you appreciate the quality plumbing that Richmond residents are now enjoying. The toilet is what it is today—a water-saver that has also greatly improved sanitation—because of its inventor and past developers.

It's Harington, Not Crapper

Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Crapper isn't the inventor of the flush toilet. He may have contributed much to its marketing, but it's actually Sir John Harington, the godson of Queen Elizabeth I, who invented the flush toilet. It was his present to the queen during the late 1590s. Today, it is considered by residents in Richmond, the 4th most populous city in British Columbia, as a great gift.

The Toilet's Utility in the 21st Century

The toilet underwent significant developments introduced by Scotsman Alexander Cummings, a watchmaker, and Thomas Crapper. Actually, certain changes were made on the toilet only a few decades ago to meet the requirements of the US Congress' legislation regarding water consumption. This legislation has caused world-wide production changes, prompting even toilet manufacturers in Canada to make sure that their toilets are water-efficient.

Less Water Consumed

Today, flush toilets generally have a 1.6-gallon water tank capacity. This means that every time you flush your toilet, you use that much water. Developers didn't stop here, though, because there are, now, the smaller one-gallon flush toilets, proving that one no longer needs to use much water to ensure adequate cleanliness in the bathroom.

Improved Sanitation

One of the main aims of trusted Coquitlam plumbing companies is to ensure that your toilet is properly functioning. The toilet was invented to effectively and expeditiously manage human waste by removing it from the premises as quickly as possible. It was the aim of Sir Harington, Cummings, and Crapper, and now the daily concern of plumbing companies like Milani Plumbing Drainage & Heating Ltd, to ensure the proper disposal of human waste.

The toilet's history shouldn't be flushed away. This appliance has contributed to maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in every residential property in Canada. Whether you're living in the coastal city of Richmond or in suburban Coquitlam, it helps to know a bit about your toilet and plumbing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Effective Drainage Repair in North Vancouver Homes

Clogged drainage can be an embarrassing problem. If one’s lucky, a quick douse of boiling water can coax the offensive gunk down through the pipes. But the worst that could happen is if the water and all of the funky bits of hair, food, soap and what-not start backing up—a moment nobody deserves to experience.

Vancouver, like any metropolis, has its fair share of clogged drainage. This is to be expected, as the Metro Vancouver area has one of the largest water systems in North America, with 86% of British Colombia, of which Vancouver is a part, enjoying access to this system. This is attained by incorporating huge wastewater treatment facilities into the system. It’s important, then, to have proper and working drainage for the entire system to work. Every time it clogs, quick and effective drainage repair is always in order.

There are various ways to go about unclogging a drain. Should pouring boiling water fail to do the trick, one can opt to use declogging devices or "snakes" which are specialized augurs that can be passed deep into the drain to pick up obstructing hair or other debris. Chemicals such as acids and alakali are often employed, but expose users to some danger.

Should the drain remain stubborn, there are a number of plumbing services like Milani at hand, which can solve all your North Vancouver drainage problems. Well-versed in pipe installation and drain maintenance, these plumbers should know exactly how to approach your drainage problem. It’s comforting to know that somebody's got your back and when all hope for declogging seems to be lost.

Good plumbers could also recommend better drainage systems to households constantly at war with the rising sewage. Ideally, the perfect drainage system delivers a home's wastewater directly into the treatment facility without obstructions. The right drainage system is dependent on the size and scale of the building it's installed in, so it’s best for one to engage a plumber's services when trying to determine the drainage needs of any structure being constructed or refitted.

Clogged drainage could be unpleasant, embarrassing, and unhealthy. Even if it is properly dealt with, it could become a recurring problem. You need not face this alone, however, because helpful plumbers are on hand. So let your worries, and waste, go down the drain; because plumbers have got you covered.