Thursday, October 18, 2012

Optimizing the Burnaby Heating System for Maximum Burn

Whenever heating goes on the blink during cold weather, things can get pretty antsy—especially when temperatures drop to unbearable lows. Without centralized home heating, we can opt for space heaters or light the fireplace, but these offer temporary, less effective, and less efficient ways to keep warm.

Burnaby, hometown to popular crooner Michael Buble and actress Carrie-Anne Moss, is a beautiful place to live in. Like the rest of Metro Vancouver, though, its inhabitants have to deal with microclimates, i.e., warm summers with very cold conditions during the rest of the year. When the cold sets in, Burnaby heating systems need to work double time to beat the freezing temperatures.

To ensure that you're always prepared to handle the cold, you need to keep your HVAC system working at optimal condition at all times. Take your cue from professional experts like Milani, who share a few tips to keep your system in good working order: First, clear the air filter of all obstructions that can affect the air flow and force the system to work harder. Second, make sure that the ducts throughout the house are properly aligned, so that air doesn't escape and no energy is wasted.

Third, check your insulation. Is it still in good condition or has it disintegrated over time? Have rodents gotten into it and gnawed off some sections? Your insulation should always be securely fastened to the ductwork, so that no radiant heat or cold escapes. As for the vents and return air inlets, make sure they are not blocked by anything, to prevent possibly hazardous pressure buildup.

To further save energy and efficiently conserve the heat inside your home, thoroughly check your home for gaps and seal them off immediately. Caulk cracks and gaps in walls, doorframes, windows, and even electric junction boxes to keep the cold from seeping in.

Keeping your Burnaby or Surrey heating system in prime condition is paramount. With the cost of energy being what it is today, and with Canada's climate, we need to make sure that we effectively use every last joule of heat that we pay for.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Solving Sewer Problems with Help from Surrey Plumbing Professionals

Surrey has one of the largest sanitary sewer networks in the province of British Columbia, with over 1,500 km of pipes, 40 pump stations, 22,000 manholes and 74,000 connections serving around 130,000 customers. This vast sewer network is in place to help efficiently handle your waste, but you're still required to take care of any sewer problems that occur within your property line.

The underlying cause

When you have a sewer problem, a straightforward blockage is the likely reason, but general deterioration of pipes or poor installation could also be the culprit. Perhaps there was a movement in the ground that caused your pipes to break, collapse, or deform. Or perhaps they were broken due to heavy vehicles constantly driving over them. It's best that you turn to a Surrey plumbing professional to help determine what's wrong.

Sewer inspection

If it's unclear what and where the problem is, a professional drainage company will run a check, going into manhole covers and running water through to locate blockages or leakage. They may use colored dyes to identify where the water is flowing. If this method is not successful, they may end up sending a video camera inspection device down the drain to inspect for blockages.

Who's responsible?

Surrey homeowners are responsible for their drains up to the property line for conventional sewer system users, and up to the City force-main for those with pump connections. If the inspection done by the North Vancouver drainage company reveals that the problem is not with your sewer system, then you will need to contact City forces. Only City forces have the authority to clear the system on their side.

If the problem is on your side of the sewer system, then clearing the sewer connection will be on you. Have the drainage professional fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent it from worsening and your repair costs from spiraling out of control. If you have home insurance, call your insurance company because many of them cover the cost of restoring, repairing and replacing damaged sewer systems on your property.

Sewer problems should be handled by pros like Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating, who have over 50 years of experience in plumbing and drainage services. Check, too, the Better Business Bureau for companies that have a good track record in the industry.