Friday, November 23, 2012

The Importance of Maintaining your Drainage in North Vancouver

Some BC residents don't really give much thought to maintaining their drainage system; they only worry about it when there's a clog. While common clogs are usually remedied by using chemicals, if the problem becomes persistent, it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Bigger problems usually connote a bigger price tag and this is why you need professional North Vancouver drainage maintenance.

There are several things that cause a clogged drain. It could be as simple as hair in the drain or more severe problems like roots and debris stuck in the pipes. Using a band aid solution to alleviate the problem does not stop it from recurring. If the problem is detected at its earliest stages, you can potentially save thousands of dollars on repair work.

There are plumbing companies that use video equipment to properly diagnose the problem and to show homeowners proof of what's causing the clog. This means homeowners can make an educated decision before scheduling service. Furthermore, there are companies that provide eco-friendly solutions to unclog your drain. You may not realize it, but some store-bought drain cleaners actually endanger the environment by polluting the water.

Surrey plumbing companies like Milani provide a maintenance plan so homeowners can save money. This type of service can alert homeowners when it's time for a thorough inspection of their drain and sewer systems. Storm drains, floor drains, kitchen and bathroom sinks, grease traps, and many other areas are included in the inspection.

In addition to professional maintenance, you should also monitor your drains regularly to check for any minor blockages. You can avoid blocks by disposing of waste correctly—throw feminine products and toilet paper into trash bins, for instance—not in the bowl. If there is a blockage, don't use the drain and contact a plumber right away.

If possible, be sure to keep plants and flowers away from the drain to avoid clogs caused by dirt and debris. Another solution is to install drain guards securely so you can easily avoid this type of problem. With regular maintenance of your sewer and drains, you can retain a smooth plumbing system and avoid costly repairs in the future. Consult a plumber for more maintenance tips.

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