Friday, March 15, 2013

The Charm of Warm: Maintaining a Heater or Boiler in Vancouver

The fact that Vancouver is considered the warmest city in the Canada doesn’t mean it never gets cold there. On some winters, arctic outflows can move into the region, lowering temperatures to a chilling -9.7 °C. For the sake of safety and comfort, Vancouver homes need to be equipped with heaters or boilers.

Heaters and boilers can help keep things warm and comfy indoors even if the temperature outside is dropping to subzero levels. These appliances, however, demand constant maintenance to continue working properly. Ignoring damage, dirt, or disrepair in this system could leave the family to the mercy of the biting cold when things break down. Fortunately, the upkeep of a heater or boiler in Vancouver can be entrusted to a company like Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating.

Regular furnaces operate by producing hot air which is pumped throughout the house via air ducts. These ducts could accumulate dirt and other materials over time, not only causing blockage, but also posing a significant health risk to the home's occupants. Air duct cleaning in Vancouver can be handled by specialized maintenance crews.

Boilers are rather different since they use hot water to spread the heat to various rooms, rather than blowing heated air. Water heated by the boiler is circulated around the building through pipes leading to radiators which give off the heat. Just like regular plumbing, the pipes of these boiler systems are susceptible to damage, making leaks possible. The same specialists for heaters can be brought in to attend to boiler piping problems.

While ducts and piping can be cleaned and sealed, it’s an entirely different matter if the heating unit itself is damaged. Having a broken down furnace or boiler is as good as having no heating at all. Only a maintenance crew can properly service and refurbish the appliance; perhaps even replace it if it is damaged beyond repair.

Vancouver can hit frigid temperatures at moments when people least expect it. In such a pinch, home heating systems can serve as a reliable source of warmth against the cold, but only if they’re well-maintained. Keeping tabs on a service crew will be useful in the upkeep of furnaces and boilers.

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