Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How a Vancouver Drain Tile System Benefits Your House

Originally developed for agricultural applications as a means of irrigating crops, drain tile systems eventually found their way to homes that needed to maintain the integrity of their foundation and prevent water damage in their footers. Although a drain tile in Vancouver homes isn’t a conspicuous structure, the role it plays in residential drainage systems is vital and clear. Without the following functions that drain tiles perform, you can say goodbye to a stable house footing, and hello to costly water damage.

Prevents basement seepage problems.

Water in the basement is one of the common reasons that drain tiles merit the attention of homeowners. Drain tiles are installed around the basement during construction to absorb seepage and channel water to the sewers. If you need to install a drain tile system, or if your present one needs cleaning, you could get professional help from established companies such as Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating.

Releases water from retaining walls.

Rainwater could accumulate around retaining walls designed to prevent erosion. A series of drain tiles is necessary to collect this water, and channel it out of the area. As the retaining walls work to keep the soil beneath your house intact, the drain tiles maintain the stability of your retaining walls.

Regulates the water level around your home.

Other than removing excess and waste water from your home, systems for drainage and plumbing in Richmond or Vancouver are also designed to manage the water table. If the water table is below the level of the drain tile, there is no threat of water seeping into the structure. However, when it’s pouring outside, and underground water levels start to rise, drain tiles should do their job of drawing this water away from the foundation of your home.

Collects water from low-lying areas.

Once you start noticing puddles or swampy areas in your yard, you may want to install drain tiles around them. Drain tiles will take the stagnant pools of water directly to the sewers. Ths will reduce the risk of mosquitoes and other household pests endangering the health of your family.

Drain tiles offer a lot of benefits to every home. Just make sure that yours is well-maintained and regularly cleaned to ensure maximum effectiveness. Remember that excess waste water has no place inside and around your home.

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